General Questions

How is Epoxy Solutions different than the hardware and department store products?

Unlike hardware and retail store products, which are usually consumer quality paints, Epoxy Solutions floor coating systems are a true, commercial grade epoxy and urethane products with chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties superior to typical coatings.

We pride ourselves in knowing that Epoxy Solutions is the choice of professional race shops and automotive professionals across the country, where a durable, easy-to-maintain protective finish is necessary for a clean, well-run shop.

How long will Epoxy Solutions flooring last?

In automotive dealerships and service areas, and other high-traffic, high-abuse areas, the service life is typically up to 10 years before a recoat is required. In residential applications with proper care, your Epoxy Solutions floor will last much longer.

How is Epoxy Solutions flooring affected by temperature?

Epoxy Solutions floor coating systems, once cured, are permanently bonded to the substrate and maintain flexural strength in extreme heat and severe cold. The coatings are designed to move and stretch with the substrate without cracking or blistering.

Is Epoxy Solutions floor coatings affected by road salt?

Road salt does not affect Epoxy Solutions floor finishes. If large pieces of salt, or any other abrasive material, are left on the surface and rolled over with a tire, stepped on, or in someway dragged across or ground into the surface, a visible scratch may result. This may be avoided by routine cleaning and good general maintenance of the floor area.

Will oil, gas, brake fluid, transmission fluid, or antifreeze affect Epoxy Solutions floor coating systems?

All Epoxy Solutions floor system finishes are chemical resistant. They are unaffected by automotive and other chemicals, provided the floor is not neglected; spills should not be left for extended periods of time.

Is Epoxy Solutions floor systems subject to "hot-tire pickup?"

No. Epoxy Solutions floor systems are warranted against any kind of lifting and peeling including "hot-tire pickup."

Is Epoxy Solutions floor systems slippery? What about the gloss?

Epoxy Solutions floor systems, as with any coating, may become slippery under certain conditions. It is recommended to use a non-slip additive with every Epoxy Solutions floor system to create a non-slip floor.