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Why Epoxy?

Does your floor collect dirt? Is your floor slippery, even when dry? Does your floor need protection from chemicals, cleaning detergents and/or other corrosive substances? Are you looking for a floor that will look as good as your business?

Who We Are

Epoxy Solutions Inc. is a full service flooring contractor who will provide options for repair, resurfacing and protection of floors and walls. Epoxy Solutions specializes in applications of Industrial, Commercial and Residential resinous floor and wall systems. Epoxy Solutions Inc. supplies, installs and warranties all systems we install.

General Questions

How is Epoxy Solutions different than the hardware and department store products?

Unlike hardware and retail store products, which are usually consumer quality paints, Epoxy Solutions floor coating systems are a true, commercial grade epoxy and urethane products with chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties superior to typical coatings.

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